The Effect of Training
Growing Your Business
Training your employees is an investment in your business and like any smart investment it should have a good rate of return. Effective training can positively influence many areas of your business, but three major areas that most managers look for are: 1) revenue, 2) gross margin, and 3) profit.

At ROI Learning we begin our discussions with our clients talking about their businesses. Only after we understand their business objectives and their business challenges do we begin to talk about training. We measure the success of our training programs and performance support tools using the ROI Learning Scorecard™. This approach ensures that your company will focus on and invest in the right programs.

Training is not the solution to every problem, but where it fits it can improve your sales and sales productivity; it can lower your costs and improve your gross margin; and it can bring expenses into line and increase your profitability. By investing in the right programs you will clearly see the business results and you will be creating a highly competitive, continuous learning organization.

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