Course Development

  "Of our new course development, more   than half is online training or some   version mixed with conventional. This   offers employees the ability to take a   course at any time, anywhere."

       - Romek Nowak, president
          Applied Material's Global University

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Online Courses

Online courses are self-contained, independent-study programs delivered via the worldwide web. They may be relatively simple and short, delivering a little knowledge when and where it is needed. Or they may be sophisticated, multimedia learning experiences that engage students for many hours over several sittings. Online courses are primarily useful for conveying new information; they are less effective in conveying and rehearsing new skills and in motivating students to apply their new knowledge.

Blended Courses

Blended courses use a combination or blend of instructional methods and delivery technologies to convey information, skills, and motivation to students. Blended courses offer almost all of the same instructional methods and benefits as classroom courses, but with the distinct benefit of being delivered virtually.

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