Online Course Development
"We saved a lot of money last year by moving 36 percent of our employee training to an online environment."

   - Nancy Deviney, general manager
      Learning Services, IBM Corp.
Online course development and delivery is both an art and a science. It is a new field and there are relatively few companies offering customized online course development services based on good instructional design. This combination - instructional design with solid technology and web design skills - is the distinguishing competence of ROI Learning Services.

Our clients have many reasons for creating online courses, but they can all be classified in one of the four quadrants in the illustration below.


    1. Existing Audience/Existing Material: This category is the most common for it represents the repurposing of existing course materials to achieve greater effectiveness, broader geographic reach, lower-cost, or all three of these benefits. In these cases ROI learning fully deconstructs and redesigns the existing courses to maximize their effectiveness in an online or blended learning environment. Companies that take a less rigorous approach and simply "webify" the classroom materials will find the results disappointing.

    2. New Audience/Existing Material: This is the second largest category and one that represents a quick win for our clients. Redesigning existing learning materials for new audiences expands the impact of their learning programs without requiring the complete rework or redevelopment of the content. It does, however, require a thorough audience needs analysis and a review of the instructional design.

    3. New Audience/New Material: This is the most challenging service area since both the content and the needs of the audience must be fully analyzed and new material must be created.

    4. Existing Audience/New Material: This quadrant requires the development of new material, but it is usually lower cost than quadrant 3 since the needs of the audience are known.

ROI Learning creates a project team for each learning program or course. Members of the team specialize in various aspects of the solution, including instructional design, user interface design, graphic design, and technical writing.

Clients retain ROI Learning for one or more of the following project phases:

  1. Analysis,
  2. Design,
  3. Development,
  4. Test, and
  5. Maintenance

In addition, ROI Learning project teams will perform evaluations of learning effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) using our ROI Learning Scorecard™ which provides both qualitative and quantitative measures of success.

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