Demonstration Courses
The first three demonstrations below were developed by ROI Learning Services to illustrate how we apply the principles of adult learning to create informative, engaging, and effective online learning experiences. The last example was designed and implemented by The Experience Builders of Chicago, IL, and is provided here as a good example of a low bandwidth audio and text simulation.

Our goal is to continue to meet our students' expectations in ways that lead them to say, as a student at one of our client companies did:

I cannot say enough great things about this course. It was engaging, interactive, informative ... and even entertaining. In fact, I liken it to reading a great book; I didn't want to put it down! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their professional development.

Click on the links below to take a short "mini-course," to view and interact with a 4-page business case study, or to participate in an interactive sales scenario.


    Designing Instructional Articles
    in Online Courses
    for Adult Learners

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    course window)

      At most schools of education aspiring teachers are taught the elements of pedagogy the art and science of teaching children. Many aspects of teaching adults are fundamentally different than those employed in teaching children and for this reason a new word gained currency in the late 20th century andragogy. This article highlights the important principles in teaching adults and suggests teaching strategies to support these principles in designing and writing instructional articles for online courses in higher education and corporate learning programs.

    In addition to describing these principles, this version of the article developed for the December 2004/January 2005 issue of Innovate, the journal of online education, also demonstrates many of them to you. By engaging you, the reader, as we recommend that you engage your learners, we believe that you will understand our recommendations more fully and that you will be better prepared and more motivated to apply them. At the end of the article is a link to a discussion group where you can discuss your reactions with us and with other readers. (There is an HTML version and a PDF version of this article on this website.)


    An Account
    on Autopilot

    (Click link to pop up
    case study window)

      This is an example of an online, interactive case study. The study is designed for adult learners with some experience in business, particularly sales and account management.

    An Interactive
    Company History

    (Click link to pop up
    history movie window)

      This is an example of a short, animated description of a company's history. It requires the viewer/student to interact by clicking on the milestones in the company timeline at the bottom of the window. The soundtrack contains music, but it could also include narration. (We also produced a full-screen, continuous-loop version of this same movie for use in company booths at job fairs and trade shows.)

    The Selling Experience

    (Click link to pop up
    simulation window)

      This is an example of a low bandwidth simulator with audio. It was designed and implemented by The Experience Builders of Chicago, IL. In this scenario, excerpted from a larger course, you are a sales person charged with getting commitments from a potential client. Immediately prior to this simulation you would have been given some instruction on the recommended sales approach before interacting with the prospect. If you apply the methodology, you can go on to get additional meetings with the other people in the prospect's company you'll need to convince in order to get the mandate.

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