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February 13, 2001
Online Certificate/Degree Programs Through Cenquest

NCR University announces the availability of online certificate and degree programs through Cenquest. Offering engineers graduate-level educational programs that build business expertise, help companies ... [more]

February 6, 2001
Managing Conflict at the Executive Level

Managing Conflict at the Executive Level features Robert Goldberg. The program will help you to examine your role in managing conflicts and provide you with a disciplined approach and practical tools. ... [more]

January 26, 2001
Translating Knowledge into Action: The Value of a Learning Organization

Daniel Kim, co-founder of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning, will be presenting this course. The course will focus on the principles, concepts, methods, and tools of organizational learning ... [more]

January 26, 2001
Unleashing Your Organization's Knowledge Potential

On March 15, The Center for Leadership and Executive Development will be sponsoring the program, Unleashing Your Organization's Knowledge Potential. Tim Wilmot, President of The Collaboration Company, ... [more]

January 26, 2001
Achieving Breakthroughs in Customer Relationships

On April 4-5, Chris Hart, President of the Spire Group, will be facilitating a session on how to acheive breakthrough performance gains through customer relationships. The underlying focus is for executives ... [more]

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