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Welcome to my web site. On these pages I invite you to explore the work I have done and am doing in the areas of electronic learning, knowledge management, communities of practice, and machine translation.

The most exciting thing to me are the relationships among these areas. Individually they are fascinating; collectively they are powerful! As our world moves to a knowledge-based economy what can be more important than learning, knowledge, community, and the global communication?

Each of these areas is supported by technology, but technology is not the answer. Technology is an enabler and, more importantly, a force multiplier. It supports, informs, and reinforces our mission in each of these areas; but it does not animate it. As humans we are each animated by a force within us. When we work for the common good as well as our own - when we apply our skills, knowledge, and our technology for the benefit of others - we are fulfilled.

As you peruse these pages, I encourage you to reflect on both the social significance and the technical aspects of these activities and to send me your comments. My personal mission is to do well by doing good. Each of us has a responsibility to contribute meaningfully to our world. If you share some or all of these interests, please let me know.

Thank you,

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