White Papers
These are the white papers written by members of the ROI Learning staff.

    Designing Online Courses for Adult Learners

    Aspiring teachers are taught the elements of pedagogy, originally the art and science of teaching children. Many aspects of teaching adults, however, are fundamentally different than those employed in teaching children. In order to acknowledge these differences, a new word — andragogy — gained currency in the late 20th century. This article highlights the important principles in teaching adults and suggests teaching strategies to support these principles in online courses for higher education and corporate learning programs.
    Put 'Earn' in Your Learning

    Many companies view training as a component of their employee benefits package - an expense to be controlled, not an investment to be maximized. This attitude is dangerously outdated. Survival in today's global economy requires continuous, cost-effective, world-class training. With the right approach it is possible to identify the “earn” in learning and measure the results as you would with any other business investment.

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