These are presentations made by members of the ROI Learning staff.

    Mar. 2004
    Online Learning in an Open Source Environment (.ppt; 2,597 KB)

    This presentation was delivered by Verne Morland at the 2004 International Partners in Training Conference sponsored by the Western Ohio Chapter of the ASTD and the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD). It provides a description of Moodle - the web-based "Modular, Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment." Moodle is a course creation and management system based on social constructivist learning theory. It is offered as open source software and is gaining adherents throughout the world. Moodle provides a low-cost way for corporations and academic institutions to create and deploy quality online courses. This presentation highlights Moodle's capabilities and provides practical insights into its use as the framework for a corporate learning center. (There is a 4-minute video demonstration of an online learning center also on this website.)
    Nov. 2003
    E-Learning in the Real World (.ppt; 1,824 KB)

    This presentation, written and delivered by Verne Morland and Herb Bivens to the Southwestern Ohio Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, provides an overview of the definition, status, and direction of e-learning in business training today. It briefly describes the evolution of e-learning, the emergence of "blended" learning, the importance of instructional design, and the benefits of e-learning both to learners and to the companies sponsoring the learning programs. It describes how new courses are created in e-learning format and how existing courses can be converted to e-learning form for lower-cost delivery to larger, geographically dispersed audiences. The presentation concludes with a discussion of ways to measure learning effectiveness and how e-learning can help companies become true learning organizations.

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