ROI Learning Scorecard
ROI Learning believes that what you measure in your business determines, in large part, how you think about and manage your business. Our ROI Learning Scorecard™ (shown below) contains many metrics that reveal how you are progressing in four critical categories: organizational learning and growth, business processes, customer perceptions, and the traditional financial success measures.

Not all of the metrics below will apply to your business. ROI Learning consultants can help you select the proper set of metrics on which to base your learning strategy and to guide your individual learning programs.

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    The ROI Learning Scorecard™
    1. The Learning and Growth Perspective

  1. Number of courses offered
  2. Hours of training completed
  3. Hours of training/employee
  4. Number of course completions
  5. Course completions/employee
  6. Completions/registrations ratio
  7. Mix of course delivery methods (classroom, online, other)
  8. Number of communities of practice
  9. Environment for problem-solving dialogues
  10. Quality and availability of performance support tools
  11. Increased employee satisfaction - with training
  12. Increased employee satisfaction - overall
    2. The Business Process Perspective

  1. Shorter recruiting time
  2. Higher employee retention
  3. Increased production (manufacturing)
  4. Increased product quality (engineering/manufacturing)
  5. Increased number of patents (R&D)
  6. Fewer problem escalation requests (call center)
    3. The Customer Perspective

  1. Increased customer satisfaction
  2. Public recognition of company training programs
  3. Public recognition of company work environment
    4. The Financial Perspective

  1. Increased revenue
  2. Increased sales productivity
  3. Gross margin improvement
  4. Increased operating income

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