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ROI Learning is a full-service consulting and development firm for technology-enhanced training. We have the experience to help you accomplish all of your training objectives. We can work with you on any of the tasks described below, or, if you prefer, we can take a more holistic approach, helping you with your education strategy, tactics, programs, and success measures.

If you are not yet sure exactly what you may need to take your training programs to the next level, take a look at our list of services and then contact us for a formal or informal assessment.

We can help you:

    Analyze your training needs

Many companies waste money on training because they fail to deliver the right programs to the right people. Since training is an investment in your business, it only makes sense to focus that investment on areas of the business that can return the greatest results. In many cases this means starting with your customer facing personnel; however, depending on your circumstances there may be other audiences - employees, business partners, or customers - who are more important.

At ROI Learning we recognize that no single approach is best for all companies. We work with your business leaders and training personnel to assess your current programs and identify top priority needs. We then suggest the most cost-efficient development and delivery approaches to meet those needs. If such an analysis would help your business grow or become more profitable, please contact us.

    Start a training program

Perhaps you are new to the training game. Many small and medium-sized companies do not have formal training programs. Instead they rely upon local universities, trade schools, and other training providers to meet their employees' needs.

If your company has reached the stage where some formal training programs on your products and services would help you grow and become more profitable, we can help you get started. For less money than you may think, we can help you prepare a training strategy and get it off to a good start with some cost-effective, successful programs. For additional details and cost estimates, please contact us.

    Reduce your training costs

New York retail legend John Wanamaker once said, "Half of my advertising is wasted ...the trouble is, I don't know which half." Many managers feel much the same way about training. It can cost a lot of money and the business outcomes are frequently unclear.

In recent years business managers have begun to hold their training departments more accountable for having a positive impact on their business. In addition, new technologies have emerged that make it possible to develop training more quickly and to deliver it more cost effectively than ever before.

ROI Learning can analyze your current training programs and identify ways in which they can be improved using online and blended learning techniques. By reducing travel costs and, more importantly, the cost of lost business opportunity when your people are not at their jobs, we can significantly reduce the cost of training while not compromising instructional effectiveness. To find out more, please contact us.

    Increase your training effectiveness

Many people who develop training today do not understand instructional design. As a university professor once said, "Tellin' ain't teachin'." Delivering a good course requires more than a subject matter expert and a PowerPoint slide show.

With this in mind, ROI Learning employs people trained in instructional design who also have good technical skills - not the other way around. Before we create any online or off-line course materials we identify the course objectives and the business objectives that our clients want to achieve. We examine the target audiences, their access to technology, and their learning styles relative to the material to be presented.

Based on these inputs we develop a learning plan for each program and we select instructional methods and delivery channels appropriate to the students' needs. If this approach could improve your training programs, please contact us for more information and pricing.

    Reach new audiences cost-effectively

Traditionally training has been a local affair. People gathered in classrooms to learn from a teacher. For business training this has meant that people who did not have the time or who could not afford to get to the classroom, simply missed the training.

Fortunately, new technologies are enabling effective learning to be delivered at a distance. This enables companies to reach existing audiences more effectively and to reach new audiences whom they could not reach before. Many courses that once required students to be in a particular place at a particular time can be redesigned to allow any place, anytime access.

At ROI Learning we are intimately familiar with these technologies - with their strengths and with their weaknesses. Tell us who you want to reach, what they need to learn, and what technical tools they have at their disposal, and we can give you an effective learning scenario. To find out more, please contact us.

    Develop and deliver online training programs

The creation and delivery of online training programs require special skills. Many people who develop online training today do not have a formal understanding of instructional design. The results are often visually interesting but instructionally ineffective.

At ROI Learning we employ people who understand both technology and teaching. We work with your business managers and subject matter experts to identify your training and business objectives and to develop online programs that meet both. To find out how, please contact us.

    Measure the impact of training on your business

We named our business "ROI Learning Services" for a reason. As business people we appreciate the need to demonstrate a positive return on every investment. Our clients view training as an investment, not an expense, and with that in mind we offer them a variety of qualitative and quantitative measures of business results. We describe these measures in our ROI Learning Scorecard™ which we custom design for each client. If you would like to learn more about measuring the impact of training on your business results (top line or bottom line), please contact us.

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