online Courses

Learning a new procedure in an online course

Online courses are self-paced, independent-study programs delivered via the worldwide web. They may be relatively simple and short, delivering a little knowledge when and where it is needed. Or they may be sophisticated, multimedia learning experiences that engage students for many hours over several sittings. Online courses are primarily useful for conveying new information; they are less effective in conveying and rehearsing new skills and in motivating students to apply their new knowledge.

Design Principles

We design courses to engage students.  We use proven techniques to present information in interesting ways and give students opportunities to check their understanding and mastery of the material.  We recognize that adult learners need to see the relevance of the training to their interests and responsibilities and the value that the training will bring to them, personally, by improving their performance.

I cannot say enough great things about this course. It was engaging, interactive, informative … and even entertaining. In fact, I liken it to reading a great book; I didn’t want to put it down! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their professional development.” – Executive Creative Director, Vice President, Marketing Services

Design Expertise

Our focus is on learning design for any educational content.  We use materials provided by our clients and develop courses that meet their business objectives.  We have designed courses on  a wide variety of subjects, including customer service, harassment prevention, real estate assessment, effective selling, corporate processes, and the use of many different IT systems.  Whatever you need your employees, customers, or partners to know – we can teach them.

Online Learning Centers

We have set up complete online learning environments for several clients.  We have helped them evaluate, acquire, and set-up and customize Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Content Delivery Systems (CDS) for both internal and external audiences.  We have also developed courses for these environments and assisted with launch promotions and communications.

Being able to rely on the expertise and experience of ROI Learning Services to develop our Online Learning Center has been the cornerstone of the program’s success. Verne’s ability to understand our objectives, needs and resources while leading our team through the development process has produced an educational experience for our members that is effective, efficient and affordable.” – Executive Director, National Trade Organization.

Next Steps…

If you need assistance with any aspect of online learning – from designing a course to building an entire online learning center – contact us for a free consultation and scoping of the work.