Business success requires continuous, cost-effective learning. The consulting and course development services provided by ROI Learning enable our clients to achieve world-class learning results while maximizing the return on their learning investments.

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Course Design

We design courses to engage students.  We present information in interesting ways and give students opportunities to master the material.  We make training relevant to our students' interests and responsibilities and show them how the training will improve their performance.

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Team Building

Major projects often have stakeholders from organizations with different objectives, resources, and constraints. We help you mold these diverse groups into high performing teams with common objectives, methods, and work practices.

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Managing Complex Training Projects

Balancing the "Big Three" in project management - quality, schedule, and cost - is well understood.  But beyond those three basic criteria, we understand that you, the client, need project transparency.  We develop the project plan with you, document and review our progress, manage issues and contingencies, and assist with "After Action Reviews" to make the next project even more successful.

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