Grow Your Business

Training your employees is an investment in your business and like any smart investment it should have a good rate of return. Effective training can positively influence many areas of your business, but three major areas that most managers look for are: 1) revenue, 2) gross margin, and 3) profit.

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Reduce Your Costs

Significant savings can be achieved using technology to deliver training outside the classroom. The chart on the left shows the costs of a two-day classroom course. The smaller chart on the right illustrates the overall reduction in training costs that can be achieved by using a "blended" delivery approach.

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Build Your Team

Major project teams often have many stakeholders with different goals and perspectives. Building a project partnership with a common mission statement and objectives is a great way to start things off. And following up to ensure that the partnership remains healthy is essential for the success of the project.

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Your "Go-To" Training Partner

We are a full-service consulting and development firm for technology-enhanced training. We design, develop, and deploy online learning programs. We provide strategic education consulting services to identify performance gaps, identify solutions, measure their business impact. And we offer partnering facilitation and mediation to build and maintain high performing teams. Click here to see examples of our projects and our clients' assessments of our work.

Our principal, D. Verne Morland, has degrees in engineering and education which he has applied for over 40 years in business. He has served as a judge and senior judge for the Excellence in E-Learning Awards sponsored by and he was a member of the editorial boards of Innovate and Technology Source, peer-reviewed journals for online education.


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