Create World-Class Partnerships

The principles of partnering are easy: work openly, honestly, and professionally with all stakeholders in a project. But the implementation of partnering is hard: when the cards are down and something is going wrong, keep a positive attitude and work as a team to resolve problems.

Durable Teams of Diverse Stakeholders

Many projects have stakeholders from different organizations with different objectives, resources, and constraints. To form these diverse groups into a high performing team it is essential to establish common objectives, methods, and work practices.

Guided by Our Experience, Tools, and Techniques

We focus on two things to create and maintain an effective partnership: 1) build an effective partnership at the beginning of the project and 2) take simple, practical steps to monitor the partnership and to take remedial action to boost the partnership, as needed.  Our primary tool for assessing the healthy of a project partnership is a short, highly focused online survey.  We have used this survey on dozens of major projects for over a decade and the results have provided project management teams with the insights they needed to correct existing problems and to avoid incipient problems.

Click here for descriptions of several partnering projects and our clients’ reactions.

Next Steps…

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